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Corporate Network

Networks are used to send and receive information. If the network works slowly or becomes faulty, you will not hear your counterparts clearly during phone calls or sometimes may experience disconnects; videos can load slowly or freeze during playback, and the documents will take more time to open. When configuring the corporate networks we create a solid foundation for the future work of all information systems in the company.

The features you will receive from the corporate network set up by our specialists include:

  1. Protection against failures of key equipment. Failure of one device or Internet channel will not affect the company's operations.
  2. Isolation of the guest network from the working one. Company’s guests will not be able to access your company’s secrets.
  3. User-friendly and secure remote access to your office network. Remote work experience will be the same to that working in an office.
  4. Overload protection. Telephone and business-critical systems will not stop for less critical applications that occupy data channels.
  5. Labeling and documentation of network connections. Finding a faulty cable and fixing the damaged connections will never be a problem again.
  6. Monitoring of information systems. You’ll be able to detect issues before they affect your business.

We use the following technology in construction of corporate networks:

  1. Stackable switches, link aggregation (LAG), subdivision of physical networks to form virtual local area networks (VLAN), VLAN tagging (dot1qd).
  2. Dynamic routing (OSPF), virtual router redundancy protocol (VRRP), and network traffic prioritization (QoS).
  3. Dynamic distribution of network configuration parameters (DHCP), hiding of internal IP addresses (NAT), control of Internet access (proxy).
  4. Encryption of communication channels (IPSec).
  5. Remote access to office networks with domain-level authorization (VPN, SSTP, Radius).
  6. Powering phones using communication wiring (PoE).
  7. Monitoring the messages and statuses of the network equipment (ICMP, SNMP, Syslog).

The following solutions allow for using corporate networks to their full potential at the lowest price:

  1. Mikrotik RouterBoard routers.
  2. Cisco Small Business switches.
  3. Ubiquiti wireless solutions.
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