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Monitoring of Information Systems

The later IT specialists learn about problems with a system, the later they start solving them. Sometimes it takes time to identify the real cause of a problem. Malfunction of a hard drive on a server or a failure of a backup system can go unnoticed and lead to tragic consequences in the future. We configure the tools that help technical specialists to stay in the know of the status of the company’s information systems and learn of any issues before they affect the company's operation.

The features you will receive from the IT monitoring system deployed by our specialists include:

  • Regular checks of information systems. The work of servers, network equipment and server applications will be checked every 5 minutes.
  • Equipment and applications load monitoring. You can monitor and compare the changes in the load and speed of work of IT systems over time.
  • Control of the stability of systems. All minor faults will be visible in the statistics.
  • Notifications in case of deviations from the normal values. The sharp increase in load, shut down of a server or service will not go unnoticed.
  • Automatic activation of temporary solutions. If a problem does not have a permanent solution, a temporary one is applied automatically when an error occurs.
  • Logs, charts, tables and reports which you can use as arguments in disputes with your company’s suppliers on the quality of their services.
  • Notifications on the progress of system tasks.
  • Daily notifications on the status of all systems in the company. Receiving a report in the morning will not hinder your peaceful sleep after you have read it.

We use the following technology and solutions to provide companies with control over their information systems:

  • Syslog message logging protocol and event triggers to receive information on errors in the work of equipment and software, and on the status of implementation of routine tasks.
  • SNMP, ICMP, and telnet protocols to check the availability of equipment and monitor its workload.
  • ManageEngine OpManager monitoring system.
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