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Software Updates

Software updates fix software bugs and add new program functions. Normally, software developers release updates monthly or quarterly, but sometimes even once a week. You can imagine how long it would take to manually install the updates on tens and hundreds of computers in a company. Still, it’s too risky not to apply software updates. By deploying a software update system we configure tools that allow for updating of software on all computers in time and just in a couple of mouse clicks.

The features you will receive from the software update system deployed by our specialists includes:

  • Installation of software updates on computers without distracting users from work. Updates install in the background and prompt users to restart their computers at a convenient time.
  • Installation of updates approved by the systems administrator. Your company’s systems administrator can check the updates before running the installation procedure.
  • Control of updates installation. A unified installation tool shows the status of updates installation on computers and notifies of arising problems.
  • Reduction of the load on the company’s Internet channel. Computers download updates from the company’s sever, not the Internet.
  • Unification of software versions on all computers. After connecting a new computer to the network it will receive the latest updates automatically.

We use the following technology and solutions when building the software update systems:

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