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IT Service Management

Technical specialists maintain information systems, help users and address the arising problems. Companies tend to have the minimum required number of technical specialists, but overloading these specialists with work can hinder the quality of service they provide. By implementing the technical maintenance management system we not only help you to find the perfect balance between the size of the company and the number of technical specialists, but also increase the quality of user service and convenience of work for specialists.

The features you will receive from the technical maintenance management system implemented by our specialists include:

  1. Logging of operations performed by the technical service. What were the issues, when did they emerge, what caused them, what were the solutions, and how long did it take to implement them.
  2. Analysis of the need in additional specialists and competences. You will be always aware of the number and qualification of additional specialists you require to solve the issues arising in your company.
  3. Analysis of performance of the company’s specialists. Who worked on a task, how many tasks he/she solved, and what type of tasks this specialist worked on.
  4. Evaluation of the quality of service of technical specialists based on user ratings.
  5. Assessment of the money cost of maintenance. You can compare and decide whether it is cheaper to leave the current system or invest in its modernization.
  6. Management of the priority of technical maintenance tasks. You can decide which problems your IT staff should address in the first place, and which in the last.
  7. Monitoring the performance of the technical maintenance service. You will receive automatic notifications in case a task takes too long to get solved.

We use the following methods and solutions in the implementation of the technical maintenance management system.

  1. ITIL methodology for classification of tasks and organization of work of IT service in the company.
  2. Quality management systems principles to enhance the work processes and increase the performance of technical specialists.
  3. ManageEngine ServiceDesk application for coordination of tasks of the company’s IT Department.
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