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Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Servicing

It's a great luck to find a good specialist. But even a highly qualified professional is not able to save the company from all possible problems when working alone. People can get sick, forget about something, or make mistakes, so it's only a matter of time when a the human factor will come into play. As part of comprehensive servicing we not only provide your company with the required competences therefore reducing the human factor effects, but also ensure the flexibility of information systems maintenance costs.

Here's what you'll get from using our comprehensive information systems servicing:

  • Flexible servicing costs. You pay for the volume of servicing works, not for the number of people employed / involved.
  • Predictable costs. We plan and ground the required investments in equipment and software for 1-2 years ahead.
  • Daily monitoring of information systems. Before your business day starts, we check all key systems to make sure everything will operate smoothly.
  • Fault prevention. We run the fault prevention diagnostics monthly to identify and troubleshoot any issues at the early stages.
  • First-line support and predictable deadlines. We answer the calls immediately, respond to emails within an hour, and solve all problems within deadlines specified in the contract.
  • Monitoring of IT contractors. We will help you evaluate the competence and control / check the work performed by third-party specialists.
  • Inventory of equipment and licenses. The money you invest in IT will work for your company, not just gather dust at the warehouse or disappear without a trace.
  • No surprises. We plan in advance and harmonize with you all actions in the event of emergencies, including fire in the server room.
  • Timely upgrade of information systems. Hardware and software will last for long, and will not cause any problems.

Besides our own products, we use the following technology as part of the comprehensive information systems servicing:

We only render servicing of the systems that were built in accordance with our system practices (see the «Deployment» section). Please contact us to discuss the possible options for you.
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