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Server IT Infrastructure

The server infrastructure runs an e-mail service, file storage, 1C and other applications in a company. Malfunctions of server infrastructures lead to application downtime and can even cause loss of valuable information. By establishing a server IT infrastructure we ensure fault tolerance, eliminate data losses and do it at a reasonable price.

The features you will receive from the server IT infrastructure set up by our specialists include:

  • Protection from common failures. Failure of one hard drive or power supply will not affect the company’s operation.
  • Remote management of physical servers. Elimination of emergencies will not require the presence of technical staff on the site.
  • Insulation of server applications from each other. Errors in operation of one application will not affect the performance of others.
  • Backing up data as of any of the 7 days of the last week, 4 weeks of the last month, or 12 months of the last year.
  • Secure backup storage. Backups are stored in three copies in different places.
  • Daily alerts on the status of the equipment and the progress of scheduled backups.
  • Computing power sufficient for running server applications for 4-5 years. You will not need to change your equipment earlier.

We use the following technology when build server IT infrastructure:

  • Combining physical disk drives into fail-safe arrays (RAID), and using hot spare disk drives (Hot Spare).
  • Virtualization of server computers, which allows for separation of server applications from each other and leveraging the computing power.
  • Remote server management interfaces (IPMI).
  • Combining network connections in parallel in order to increase throughput and resilience (LAG).
  • Replication of virtual computers
  • Protocols for shared use of network drives (iSCSI, NFS) and direct access to storage systems (DAS).

We recommend the use of the following solutions in organization of server IT infrastructure:

  • Asus and Supermicro server platforms allow for building three servers at the price of a branded one. It’s always better to know how to restore the system operation than to hope that nothing will go wrong.
  • Vmware vSphere virtualization software is a solution proven to be highly reliable by our practice.
  • FreeNAS software for data storage systems is free and works great.
  • Western Digital is the only manufacturer of hard drives that opened a service center in Russia. Three to five years warranty period of their products is not a claim, it’s guaranteed.
  • Adaptec disk controllers have never let us down, and we have our own developments to control their operation.
  • Veeam Backup&Replication system proved to be the only one working accurately and smoothly.
  • APC uninterruptible power supplies last for ages, so there is no need to buy new ones every couple of years.
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