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Corporate Network

The bigger the company, the more difficult it is to control all aspects of the information systems in it. The differences in the configuration of computers and servers, and mistakes in access rights policy can put the company’s information security at risk. When we implement a security management system in a company, we make the control of information systems' security parameters and access rights easy for companies of any size.

The features you will receive from the security and access rights management system set up by our specialists include:

  • Protection of user passwords. A password is set by a user and is known only to this user.
  • Convenience for users. A user will need to use only one login/password pair, which will be the same for most systems he or she will access.
  • Ease of access to information systems. After logging on to the system there is no need to enter passwords to most systems again.
  • Control of Security Policy. You can set the requirements for the password length and complexity, its change period, as well as access blocking rules, etc.
  • Management of access to the company’s information systems using a unified convenient and easy-to-use tool.
  • Promptness in access rights management. It will take you no longer than five minutes to grant, control or block the access to information systems.
  • Uniformity of information systems configuration. The configuration of security parameters applies automatically for all computers and servers.
  • Protection from low competence. The access rights for users and IT specialists are restricted only to those necessary for work.

We use the following technology in the deployment of security and access rights management systems:

You already use Active Directory in your company? Contact us and we will show you some of its great features that you probably don’t utilize to their full potential!
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