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Printing and Scanning

Paperwork is impossible without printed documents. Contracts, invoices, acts and instructions need to be printed, or otherwise digitized by scanning. Document printing and scanning is a part of the everyday routine for most office workers. When our specialists set up printing and scanning equipment, we achieve fast, reliable and convenient service at low cost.

The features you will receive from the document printing and scanning system deployed by our specialists include:

  • Low cost prints, taking into account the cost of consumables and printers.
  • Automatic availability of all devices that your staff needs.
  • Saving of scanned documents to a mail server or to a shared folder on your company’s server.
  • Convenience of scanning no matter if you need to scan one document or a heap of documents.
  • Clear and convenient printer naming.
  • Monitoring of the statuses of printers and the remains of paper and ink in them.

We use the following technology and solutions to build printing and scanning systems:

  • Windows Print Server to manage drivers and connections
  • Printer driver isolation to avoid problems with the whole system because of a malfunction of one device.
  • Group policies to automatically provide users with access to printers.
  • Automatic adding of email addresses to scanning devices (via LDAP).
  • Kyocera printers and multifunction printers proved to be reliable and high performance. The prices of genuine Kyocera consumables allow you to forget about refilling of printing cartridges once and for all.
Know a way to make things cheaper and better? Contact us – we’ll revise our practices or otherwise explain why it shouldn’t be done that way.
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