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Disaster Recovery Planning

Information systems failures are rare, but every minute of downtime leads to loss of money and hinders reputation. Ensuring the smooth operation of all systems is expensive, but the cross-your-finger mentality can turn out to be even more expensive. While planning the disaster recovery, we help to find the perfect balance between the cost of failure-free operation of information systems and the acceptable downtime, as well as to achieve elimination of emergencies in the pre-agreed time frames.

Here's what you will get as the result of our disaster recovery planning:

  • Information about the current bottlenecks in the information systems operation, as well as related possible consequences and investments required for their elimination.
  • Simple instructions to eliminate emergencies. We draw up clear step by step instructions with the necessary actions in each of the possible emergency cases.
  • Information safety. We draw up a list of activities to monitor the integrity of data and prevent data loss.
  • Predictable disaster elimination terms. We analyze the time required to address emergency situations and suggest the ways to do it even faster.
  • Well-coordinated work of all company's departments in the event of an emergency. We plan in advance all the necessary steps and solutions that require the company's management intervention.

As part of the disaster recovery planning, we do the following:

  • Make up a list of information systems malfunctions that have a negative impact on business
  • Determine the points of failure in the operation of business-critical information systems, their interrelation and negative impacts on the business in the event of failure
  • Establish procedures to detect malfunctioning elements that help identifying the problematic nodes using circumstantial evidences
  • Draw up a list of optional investments in information systems to address the risks and / or reduce the consequences should they occur
  • Agree with the company's management on the allowed period of systems downtime, based on the potential losses for businesses and the cost of eliminating the risks
  • Define the procedures for elimination of emergency situations, taking into account the planned investments in information systems
  • Determine the risk factors in disaster recovery procedures, as well as plan and coordinate activities to control them.
Requesting your disaster recovery plan is simple – just contact us by phone / email, or leave a request on the website. We will be glad to advise you on this service and discuss all the details during a personal meeting.
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