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Audit of IT Department

Cooperation between IT and the business is impossible without trust. When the technical specialists lack trust, they buy more reliable systems with ample computing and storage capabilities. When the business management lacks trust it takes more time for them to make important decisions. The company spends more money, but the work is performed in emergency mode and at the last moment just to meet the deadlines. As part of IT department audits in companies we investigate the causes of mistrust and mend the relations between IT and the businesses, helping them to work effectively and to achieve synergy in cooperation.

Here's what you will get as the result of the IT department audit:

  • Formalized requirements of your business for the IT service, assessment of their feasibility and the current level of implementation.
  • A list of serviceable information systems and the evaluation of availability of competent staff to carry out their technical maintenance.
  • Evaluation of your technical specialists' professional skills, and making conclusions on the correspondence of their positions and wages.
  • Information about strengths and weaknesses in the current organization of your IT department.
  • Analysis of conflict situations.
  • Recommendations on the changes in processes, staffing, and the size of investment in the IT department to meet the current business requirements.

Here's what we do as part of the IT department audit:

  • Conducting questionnaire surveys of the company's management and department heads concerning the company's requirements for information systems and user services.
  • Analysis of current regulations and procedures used in your company's IT department.
  • IT personnel appraisal.
  • Analysis of existing service contracts.
  • Analysis of your IT department employees' workload, as well as emerging challenges and their causes.
The audit does not include issues related to the development of information systems and business applications. Please contact us to discuss your current situation and choose the best set of services.
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