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Internet Access

Internet opens up new possibilities for work, but also creates new threats. Hackers can get companies’ secrets using technical vulnerabilities in IT systems, and the social media and entertainment websites reduce the efficiency of staff work. By setting up Internet access we help companies to use all its advantages, offsetting the possible drawbacks.

The features you will receive from the Internet access set up by our specialists include:

  • Reliable internet. Malfunction of a device or a data channel will not affect the company’s operation.
  • Restricted access for employees to Internet services that are not related to work.
  • Overload protection. Work with websites and downloading files from the Internet will not hinder the work of business-critical applications.
  • Control of the Internet use and of the remote access to the office network.

We use the following technology and solutions to implement the company’s requirements related to the Internet access:

  • Network traffic prioritization (QoS).
  • Use of proxy servers to organize logging of the use of Internet

You can see the list of recommended equipment for organization of Internet access in the corporate network section.

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