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Expert technical support line

Most information systems maintenance tasks do not require high expertise. Having your own technical experts in staff is expensive, but experiencing problems because of the lack of staff competence can turn out to be even more expensive. As part of the expert technical support we help you achieve the high quality of operation of information systems, solving the issues that your in-house specialists can't cope with.

As part of the expert technical support service your technical specialist will receive:

  • Consultations on the specificities of operation of any information systems.
  • Access to the IT Department's best practices in building and maintenance of information systems.
  • Assistance in elimination of emergencies.
  • Saving of time searching for solutions to arising problems.

The service is available both on an hourly basis, and at a fixed price per month.


If you buy the Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance service together with the Expert Technical Support service, and if your information systems meet the IT Department's standards (see the «Deployment» section), we also take undertake the responsibility to eliminate emergencies in pre-defined time frames.


If your staff lacks competence for work with just a couple of specific systems, please consider the Outsourcing of IT Systems Maintenance.


Please contact us to find the best way our Expert Technical Support can be of a benefit to your company.
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