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Telephony is an instrument used for communication with clients and suppliers. If your company's phone works faulty, suppliers start calling employees' mobile phones, and the clients start calling your competitors. The company loses not only clients, but the transparency of relations with counterparts as well. We set up telephony in a company so that using the office phone becomes easier than using your mobile.

The features you will receive from the telephony set up by our specialists include:

  • Control of communications with clients and counterparts. Logs of information about who called whom, when they talked and what they were talking about
  • Convenience of free and unlimited communications with colleagues from other branches of the company using short phone numbers.
  • Blocking of ad calls. Secretaries should work, not talk to telemarketers.
  • Freedom of movement. You can use your office phone from anywhere in the world.
  • Easiness of solving the organizational tasks. Meetings can be conducted on the phone.
  • Flexibility of incoming calls handling. Your employees in Vladivostok can answer the calls to the Moscow’s office phone number during Moscow’s nights.
  • Voice mail. Even if no one answered a call, the customer will be able to leave their message for you to get it when you get back to your office phone or a computer.
  • Call interception option. If your colleague is away from his workplace you can answer the phone instead of him from your workplace.
  • Automatic informing about your company's promotions and services while customers are waiting for their calls to be answered.

We use the following technology and solutions when setting up telephony in companies:

  • Voice over IP - allows not only for saving money and answering calls from anywhere in the world, but also to be available through a phone number of any region.
  • Softphones for mobile employees’ laptops.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows for prompt direction of customers to the employees they need.
  • The “Follow Me” function allows employees to redirect incoming calls to temporary workplaces.
  • Voice mail – even if an employee is not at his/her workplace, customers can leave messages for them.
  • Asterisk IP PBX telephone private branch exchange can be used for free without limitations.
  • Cisco SPA 500, Cisco SPA 300 and Yealink IP phones.
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