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Corporate Email Service

Email is used by employees to contact clients and counterparts, send contracts and invoices. Email servers store the history of agreements, objectives and plans. Problems in the work of an email service can cause a company not only reputational, but even financial losses. We set up secure corporate email services that let our customers’ employees work conveniently from anywhere at any time.

The features you will receive from the corporate email service deployed by our specialists include:

  • A unified standard of corporate addresses, names, and signatures that broadcast your professional status to clients at any level.
  • A unified address book with information about your company’s employees, such as their positions, departments they belong to, and phone numbers.
  • Shared calendars to always have up-to-date information about the availability of particular specialists, conference rooms, etc.
  • Secure storage of correspondence and ability to restore deleted messages.
  • Adjustable anti-spam system, which will ensure the delivery of all messages from your customers.
  • Secure access to email from mobile devices and through web interface.
  • Requirements for the complexity and regularity of change of passwords to access email. A password leak will not become the reason for competitors to read your email for years.
  • Transparent access to corporate email from workplaces. The email service will recognize the password you enter when logging on to your work computer.
  • Search mail by contents of attached files.
  • Email filters and rules (moving to folders, forwarding, auto-answer, etc.) that need to be configured once and will work in the same way on all devices.
  • Removal of data from mobile phones in case of loss or theft.
  • Controlled access to the company’s emails. You can grant your colleagues access to your email without giving them your password.
  • Control of incoming mail and stored messages.
  • Management of storage quotas. Your stuff will be required to place the important information from their email to the folders where it belongs.
  • Encryption of confidential correspondence – letters can be read only by their direct recipients (not included in the standard deployment).

We use the following technology and solutions for the corporate mail systems:

  • SPF records to protect corporate addresses from address spoofing by hackers.
  • ActiveSync synchronization protocol to synchronize mail, calendars and tasks between mobile phones and mail servers.
  • SSL encryption to access mail using web interface and remotely through mail client applications.
  • User authentication using the Active Directory domain logins and passwords.
  • Blocking of virus and spam mail – Greylisting – allows blocking up to 90% of spam without affecting everyday business correspondence.
  • Use of dynamic spam lists (DNSBL) together with dynamic white lists (Whitelist) to block spamming services.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server – probably, the best corporate mail server ever produced.
  • ORF Fusion spam filtering software or the default Microsoft Exchange spam filters.
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