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1C Applications

1C applications are used everywhere – from accounting to business management. The information stored in 1C databases is invaluable for companies, and the company’s performance greatly depends on the performance of their 1C systems. By deploying a 1C applications server we ensure convenient and smooth operation of the system and safety of data it stores.

The features you will receive from an 1C applications server deployed by our specialists, include:

  • Control of access to information by employees. Users will not be able to access more than allowed by their rights.
  • Automatic connection to particular 1C databases for authorized users.
  • Secure storage of information and system restore from backups
  • Control of backup creation
  • Versioning of 1C databases storage. You can restore a database as of any of the last 7 days, 4 weeks of the month, or 12 months of the year.

We use the following technology in deployment of 1C application servers:

  • Group policies to install 1C applications on user computers and connect them to 1C bases
  • Integration with an Active Directory domain for transparent authorization of 1C users
  • Database transaction logging to facilitate its recovery to the state as it was before hardware or software failure.
  • Email notifications about the database performance and backup operations
  • Re-indexing and other routine maintenance procedures to maintain the speed and integrity of databases
  • Microsoft SQL database server.
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