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Comprehensive IT servicing of the "Euromedservice" company, start of cooperation: April 2010.

«For the first time in my career, I found IT outsourcing company with no weaknesses».
Denis Razvalyaev
General director
OOO "Euromedservice".



For the first time in my career, I found IT outsourcing company with no weaknesses.

The following facts are quite amazing for me (and for all employees of our organization):
  • Responsibility (if “IT Department” promised to adjust something – the work was completed fast, without any talks and discussions).
  • Punctuality (if the employee of Department IT promised to visit us at a certain time, he comes on time, even with regard to the heavy traffic conditions).
  • Communication (all employees are very polite, speak understandable Russian language and are not offended by the request to explain something again).
  • Fast response (all of our issues are solved by technical support as if it was created especially for us and for no one else).
  • Initiative (reasonable and budgetary decisions on the development of our it-infrastructure are always proposed on time and in advance, which allows us to avoid unexpected problems and results in growth of our business).
  • Neat employees (we have never seen any employee of "IT Department" uncombed - and thank God, because it would be a memorable shock for our customers).
Conclusion: Right now I don’t see any "pros" of hiring a system administrator for "Euromedservice", on the contrary, there are only "cons".

Denis Razvalyaev
General director
OOO "Euromedservice".
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